Nita Light

Nita Light


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Doll Description:

By looking at the image you’ll notice that Nita Light is different from the other dolls. She comes with an energy pod, the doll isn’t available to buy separately first-hand.

The energy pod is Nita’s favorite place to relax, which is why it’s included with her doll. When you place Nita in the energy pod and turn off the lights it looks like she is levitating and swaying in a field of lights which are constantly changing color. It is very impressive and makes for a great night-time toy.

When it comes to the doll itself, Nita has purple hair, translucent arms, a transparent body, and her face glows in the dark. She also has a silver antennae, and is wearing a silver jumpsuit with black boots and a glitter belt.

When you buy this doll you also get the energy pod, a stand for the doll when it’s not in the energy pod, and a range of doll-sized accessories – headphones, a magazine, two consoles, a TV monitor, and a soda drink.

Nita Light’s Bio:

Age: 6,000 light years

Mission: To create Earth fashion which looks good on everyone and anyone who wears it. It’s not an easy task!

Unique Cosmic Quirk: Unusually she’s actually brightest at night as her face glows in the dark.

Personality: Creative is probably the best way to describe Nita. That’s why she believe she can create a range of fashionable clothes which look great on everyone.

Her Pet: She doesn’t have one!

Fashion Style: She likes comfy clothes, you won’t find Nita wearing awkward high heels where she’s likely to hurt her feet and lose balance. Her choice of clothes also tends to be quite playful and fun. She doesn’t take fashion too seriously.

Favorite Earth Food: Moon cake

Favorite Activity: She likes to spend time re-energising in her energy pod.

Keen to Learn: How to actually keep a secret when told one. Her friends can see right through her when she’s not telling the truth!

Never Understood: She doesn’t see the point of beds, but that’s because Nita floats.

Unusual Facts about Nita Light:

- Her name is derived from the word ‘Night Light’.

- She is the only Novi Stars character not to have a pet.

- You usually won’t see Nita on the group images of Novi Stars dolls, most likely because she comes with an energy pod.

Nita Light – a Close-up View (When Not in her Energy Pod):

Nita Light

(Source: Photo from Flickr)

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